Friday, 2 October 2009

Beevering : We ONLY care about hair

Beever is a new brand of hair styling products.

Where their website treatment is really effective, I feel the concept for their print work isn't so.

The website is interactive, interesting and eclectic with lots of details in non-linking objects in the visuals. I really like the room setting featured on the homepage, however when you move around the site it can become quite annoying having to wait for each page to load. I also quite like the personable tone of voice used across the brand campaign, it speaks to you as a mate offering advice - its cheeky and honest, its 'jack the lad' talking to you.

Whilst I like the visual element of the ads, especially the mixed media cut out graphics, I think the statements made in the copy are a bit weak. Their tag line, 'we only care about hair' is reiterated in the copy in that the moral aspect concerning animal testing is joked about.. I just don't find them funny or humorous because they are a bit near the mark on an extremely touchy subject. Yet I can see that the target audience, namely young(ish) males who take pride in their hair, would appreciate this form of humour.

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