Monday, 5 October 2009

naughty Robert.

This short story is another example of how quirky macabre writing and stylised illustration can work exceptionally well. I got this book for my birthday, my boyfriend saw it in a book shop and thought it would be something I'd appreciate, its something of a 'cult classic' according to the abstract. The illustration remind me of the work Quentin Blakes did for Roald Dahl, a sketchy and freakish style of drawing.

It's a thoroughly captivating story with a weird theme, perhaps even a bit sick at times! Its definitely not suitable for children, especially as the story features torture and pain - I feel this is an interesting concept as the adult readers are reading something scary in a child's setting where you wouldn't expect such a thing, much like displaced normality. This genre does bring out of the child in some readers, particularly the idea of fantasy worlds where anything is possible. I think that because the story is so far-fetched, it doesnt matter how frightening or strange the subject matter gets, it works because the adults reading it are enjoying it with a large pinch of salt and appreciating the break from the norm.

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