Friday, 2 October 2009

Big Fish

Based on the 1998 first novel by Daniel Wallace II, Big Fish is a magnificent tale told through bizarre scenarios and peculiar characters. I first saw this film at the cinema a few years ago where it made a real impression on me, so much so that I rewatch it frequently and recommend it to friends.. perhaps it was this work that cemented my Tim Burton fixation?!

I really value the fantasy/mysterious components in film, as the viewer you are transported to that world and it becomes believable. In this genre of film, there are no restrictions on creativity and anything goes.

"The story revolves around a dying father and his son, who is trying to learn more about his dad by piecing together the stories he has gathered over the years. The son ends up re-creating his father's elusive life in a series of legends and myths inspired by the few facts he knows. Through these tales, the son begins to understand his father's great feats and his great failings."

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