Monday, 5 October 2009

inside on the outside

During the summer holidays I worked in the centre of London's financial district, I walked past this building everyday going to and from work - it was here that I saw the Lloyds of London building. Designed by architect Richard Rogers and completed in the late 1980's, it is an incredible piece of architecture, the principle concept being that the inside is on the outside. This is achieved in the utilities that you would normally design on the inside are placed on the outside structures to enable greater capacity inside. Visually, this piece is modern and highly industrial which suits the urban setting and the buildings use as an global insurance marketplace. I find this structure to be incredibly fascinating in its multi-angled viewings, it seems that there are hundreds of interesting nooks and crannies created by the metallic structures covering the framework. There's something quite futuristic about it, which considering this building is over twenty years old, is quite a feat.

Unfortunately Lloyds of London do not allow visitors into the building.

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