Monday, 5 October 2009

A Series....

Of Unfortunate Events are a series of 12 children's books written by Lemony Snickett. They centre around the ' unfortunate events' that occur for the Baudelaire siblings in an incredibly dreary and dull world.

I feel here that Lemony Snickett has got it 100% right in every element of his work; literature, film, web design, illustration and overall representation of his own character as the writer. There is fantasy in the way he writes and also as the writer where he has developed his own character to be intertwined amongst the stories. As sad as it sounds, I frequently find myself on the website, to see what's new and to take in any additional material posted there. Snickett has adopted a fearful, nervous concept where he warns his readers that his stories will not make you happy but rather sad instead. I find it interesting that such negative literature can entice children so well, there is a great deal of sorrow in the stories where the characters try to overcome the terrible situations they are in.

The books are illustrated by Brett Helquist, who has a distinct pencilled illustrative style. I love his beautifully intricate work which seems to work entirely in sync with the concept.. the website has a whole section on Helquist.

This series was recently made into a film, where all twelve were condensed into one movie featuring Jim Carrey. Directed by Brad Silberling, the movie captures the style perfectly with its own eccentric influence. I like that you can't tell what time it is set in as there are many contradictions in place to throw you off a bit, for example the characters are dressed in victorian dress yet there are many mod-cons used in the set design etc. - this makes it truly imaginative. an AMAZING website displaying the character Count Olaf; fully interactive and engaging. captures the whole concept, every detail considered.

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