Thursday, 1 October 2009

tinkling the ivories

"Sing London is a non profit organisation whose purpose is to use collective singing to connect people; to each other and to the spaces around them."

Walking home from an evening out in Soho, we came across a piano right in the middle of Carnaby Street. There's something about being able to play whatever you like on the streets of London, in the middle of the night that I loved. I played a bit of Fur Elise, Allegro in G Major and the old favourite Chopsticks (I couldn't resist!!).

Artist Luke Jerram, installed 30 Street Pianos in London’s streets, squares, markets and train stations. Marked Play Me, I’m Yours, they were placed for all to play, sing and enjoy. This concept not only increased media coverage for Sing London 2009 but it also created an interesting word of mouth phenomena around London where people would actively search out where the other pianos were situated.

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