Sunday, 4 October 2009

a cup of tea with the social

I was quite intrigued by this ad, I like the concept that it gets the voices heard to a wider audience through well-known personas. There's quite an emotive feel to it and a sense of call to action, the dialogue and acting hit hard because you know that these situations really do happen across many homes. This kind of advertising is excellent at getting the audience to put themselves in the shoes of those people and it moves you to reflect on it.

It seems at the moment there is much media attention on the failings of Social Workers across the UK, so you will have noticed a number of sensitive ads calling for more people to enter into social care employment.

Recently there have been a series of new ads promoting careers in social work, these focus more on emotive audio and a one shot image of a kettle boiling for example.. they push you to understand how a social worker works rather than what they have to deal with, they ask you consider what tools are required for the job and how you might make a difference to someone's life.. all with the help of a cup of tea. These are successful in capturing your attention not by visual stimulation, but by powerful copy spoken out loud.

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